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About Our Site

About our Website
As you see, our website has a fresh new look!  After several years of service from the old site, Ecopalms has grown to the point that it was time for an upgrade.   Working with a great web developer and based on feedback from our church partners, we have designed this new site to be easier to use, keep you better informed about your order and provide more content for you.   
1. The new site CREATES AN ACCOUNT when you order.  
a. When you create an account, you have access to view your order at any time. Just login and clink View My Order Status.  You can see if your check has been received, if your CC payment went through, what quantity you ordered, etc.
b. You will be able to login and get your Fed Ex Tracking number.  Your tracking number will be available of the shipment week.  (varies by year as the Easter date changes.) 
c. If you need to make a change to your shipping address, you can login and make that change up until the cutoff date.  Note: you cannot change your order quantity.  Once you have confirmed your order you cannot make changes to the quantity.  Please review your order carefully before confirming it.  If you need to make that type of change, please contact us. 
d. Next year, you will be able to login and see what you ordered the previous year!  If you forgot your password click on the 'forgot password' link to have it emailed to you (first click on Login at the top).  Added Bonus:  Your account will already have contact info and your shipping and billing address so less typing next year!
2. The Site features a SHOPPING CART ordering system.
a. This is a familiar type of online ordering providing great ease of use.   Most online ordering sites utilize this type of ordering. 
3. Increased CONTENT
a. Check out the new tabs at top to download a brochure about the program, view Frequently Asked Questions and get your questions answered quickly, enjoy a video of the harvest, download materials for your church, print Care and Handling instructions for your palms and more.   There’s lots of interesting things to check out.
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS you may have about the new site. 

Q:  Why do I have to create an account? Can’t I check out as a guest?
A:  The new website requires that you create an account.  This provides you with all the benefits listed above. 
Q:  What if I forget my password?
A:  If you forget your password, you can simply type in the email account you used to create the account and click Forgot my Password.   Your password will be emailed to you right away.   You can also contact us for assistance with your login and password information
Q:  I have always called in my order.  Can I still do that?
A:  Yes, you can still contact us during our customer services hours and we will place your order for you.  While placing your order, we will create an account for you so that you will have access to view your order information. 
Q:  I noticed you don’t have the PayPal option this year.  Why?
A:  Several churches expressed frustration with the PayPal portion of the old site.  We listened and incorporated secure and easy Credit Card processing within the new site.  It’s faster and easier to use. 
Q:  I want to change the number of palms I ordered but when I access my order, I can’t change it.  What do I do?
A:  Once you have confirmed your order you cannot make changes to the quantity of palms ordered.  Please review your order carefully before confirming it.   You will need to contact us for assistance should you need to make this type of change.   
Q:  I want to change the shipping address I entered.  How do I do it? 
A:  You can simply Login and go to the My Account portion.  You can edit your shipping address here.  You can make this change up until the cutoff date. 
Q:  I have a suggestion for the new site.   Where do I send it? 
A: That’s wonderful!  We want your feedback and will work to make improvements.  Please go to the Contact Us page and send us your suggestions!

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